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Demi Lovato

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    Demi Lovato

  • Musical Debut

    Musical Debut
    Demi Lovato gained the role in her first feature film in 2008 portraying the roll of Mitchie Torez. People discovered her acting and musical abilities and looked at her as more of a serious artist after the premier. She was instantly popular. Although the roll was initially offered to her best friend at the time Selena Gomez, the roll went to Demi.
  • Don't Forget - First Album

    Don't Forget - First Album
    After the success of Camp Rock in America, Demi released her first successul album "Don't Forget" with the label of Hollywood Records. "Get Back" was released in August but that was the lead single for the album, and reached no.43 in America. La La Land was the second single, also not doing outstandingly in the charts reaching number 52.
  • Here We Go Again - Number 1

    Here We Go Again - Number 1
    This day, Demi released her second album and got major success from it. It reached amongst the Billboard 200
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    During this time, Demi was struggling with some personal issues and left a tour with the Jonas Brothers to seek helo for her personal physical and emotional issues.
  • Skyscraper

    The release of her first single from her new album "Unbroken".
    This was very successeful and was number 1 on iTunes within 3 days of it's release. It also reached number 10 on the Billboard 200
  • Unbroken - 3rd Album

    Unbroken - 3rd Album
    This was the release of Demi's 3rd album after coming back from treatment. Seeing as the albums leading single Skyscraper did so well, the album did too, peaking at number 4 on the Billboard 200 and charting in the top 20 in many other ountries such as Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico and Argentina. The album sold over 500,000 copies and was gifted certified gold in America, and it also went Gold in Brazil.
  • X Factor

    X Factor
    These days, Demi is working on her 4th studio album and is judging/mentoring the X Factor USA along side L.A Reid, Britney Spears and Simon Cowell.