Dean's Summary of Learning-EC & I 831: Social Media & Open Education

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  • Introduction to Connected Learning - Couros

    Introduction to Connected Learning - Couros Starting my blog...using web 2.0 tools...getting connected,,,starting to find my way. How will I manage the content of the course, learning the tools and connecting with my classmates and professor? The first session taught me so much and I knew I was onto something good. More questions than answers, always a good sign.
  • The "Dean's Office" is open!

    The "Dean's Office" is open! Contributing to my blog became one of the highlights of the course for me. I felt creative, engaged and when classmates commented I felt validated. The construction of this blog has been one of the most powerfully reflective exercises in my career. Thanks for all of your comments and sharing your blogs!
  • Can you dig it?

    Can you dig it?
    DS 106 I enjoyed listening to DS 106 as I worked through the course. Lots of great radio with some special guest DJ's (Dean Shareski - Friday, Nov. 25th)
  • Managing Communications in an Open Online Course - Couros

    Managing Communications in an Open Online Course - Couros more...getting the hang of things...tags...bundles...concepts becoming more clear and concrete...ideas forming. After this session I felt as though I had some tools to start getting connected with others. With this realization, I felt as though I now had the ability to connect outside of the class in a more meaningful way.
  • Virtual Learning Communities - Schwier

    Virtual Learning Communities - Schwier What kind of community is eci831? Not the type of community I am most familiar with but one that I found to be authentic, caring and supportive. I learned so much from the contributions of the community members. I hope I contributed as well.
  • Using Twitter for PD and developing PLN's

    Using Twitter for PD and developing PLN's working in this challenge is tweetdeck!
  • Introduction to Personal Learning Networks - Terrell

    Introduction to Personal Learning Networks - Terrell's...staying at the top of my game...learning from others. Shelly's session solidified my understanding of the value of connecting with others to advance knowledge and understanding. As Shelly explained, when we connect in PLN's we are in a constant state of learning which can only be beneficial for all learners.
  • Sensemaking and Wayfinding - Siemens

    Sensemaking and Wayfinding - Siemens my way and making sense of things. For me two recurring themes of this course. How do I use my knowledge and past experiences to make sense of the content of this course. How do I find my way through the tools, processes and new ways of thinking in the changing world of education. The power is shifting, how will I react?
  • Networked Learning & Digital Identity - Couros

    Networked Learning & Digital Identity - Couros footprint. "Our ability to learn what we need for tomorrow is more important than what we know today." As educators our identity is not what it once was and either are the students we serve. When everything we do is easily recorded, published and shared, what is my role?
  • Rhizomatic Learning - Cormier

    Rhizomatic Learning - Cormier driven. The nature of Dave's address had the traditional educator (soldier) in me longing for order and linear progression. The nomad in me appreciated the open-ended learning opportunities presented and the unscripted possibilities leading to deeper understanding. There will be resistance.
  • Sharing - Shareski

    Sharing - Shareski are our teachers? Do I share everything? Is my best work online? Do I have an ethical obligation to share? Dean outlined and described what I know to be true...when learning is the goal, it is better to share. Share everything!
  • The Role of Educator in a Networked World - Downes

    The Role of Educator in a Networked World - Downes As a result of this session, I experienced some of my deepest moments of reflection. Am I a good learner? Will this help me to be a good or at least better instructor? As I continue to grow as an educator, my roles will continue to change. What roles can I fill?
  • Digital Storytelling - Levine

    Digital Storytelling - Levine Alan's session opened a new world of 2.0 tools to me. Since the session I have tried several but must continue to remind myself that the tools are only a part of the process. Their use helps to engage in the process and in doing so new skills and abilities are learned.
  • Using Glogster

    Using Glogster
    Dean's 1st Glog Enjoyed building a digital poster. Another tool to share with my students to tell stories, network and relate learning.
  • Course Wrap-up - Couros

    Course Wrap-up - Couros Tonight we attended our last formal presentation of the class. The session provided us with some closing thoughts and some final information about the course. It seems like it just begun and shouldn't be finished yet. A unique educational experience that I hope I experience again.
  • Student Presentations

    Student Presentations
  • Student Presentations-Final Class

    Student Presentations-Final Class
    My journey in social media and open education started before this course, however, I move forward with renewed energy, skills, abilities and perspective. I plan to continue this journey and in doing so will build networks, share experiences and develop relationships that will positively impact all learners.
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