Daniel's Story

  • Jewish Store Boycott

    Jewish Store Boycott
    People were not allowed to enter Jewish stores. However one lady ignored a brown shirt (SA Guards) and entered the store. Daniel wondered what would happen if the Jews fought back and protested.
  • Flash back of Birthday

    Flash back of Birthday
    Daniel remembers his 6th birthday. He talks about how his dad and Uncle discussed about leaving Germany. As life for Jews was no ideal in there current location. However this journey of escape would be difficult. Many countries were accepting Jews, but they had a limit.
  • Dream

    Daniel and Erika go to the Movies which featured a newsreel to convince Germans Jews were disgusting and their enemies. Everyone soon realizes that Daniel and Erika are Jewish. A mob chases Daniel and Erika. They were name-calling and bullying just because of their religion and beliefs. This was dehumanizing and cruel. Eventually, Daniel wakes up in fear, but relief.
  • Daniel wears Nazi uniform

    Daniel wears Nazi uniform
    Daniel wanted to experience the life of a free boy in Frankfurt, so he wore a Nazi Youth suit. As Daniel walked around, several people socially avoided him. He was soon stopped by 2 SS Black Shirts name-calling and bullying a group of Jewish men. Rotten tomatoes and several slurs were thrown at the Jews. They were defenseless.
  • France and Britain Declared War on Germany

    France and Britain Declared War on Germany
    Daniels father owns a radio. So they listened to all the latest news. Usually it was all promotion towards Hitler, but something brought them to surprise. France and Britain declaring war on Germany. This filled hope into their hearts. Maybe one day this could be over.
  • Uncle Peter's death

    Uncle Peter's death
    Daniel answered the door to the postman who handed him an envelope. The family were ecstatic when they realized it was from Uncle Peter. They haven't received any news from him for about a year. Their hearts dropped when they spotted the ashes of Uncle Peter. He was murdered in Dachau, a concentration camp. These inhuman acts by the Nazis broke Daniel and Auntie Leah's heart.
  • Arriving at the ghetto

    Arriving at the ghetto
    Daniel and his family find out they are being deported from their home in Frankfurt. They were transferred onto a train that was headed to a ghetto without any say. They segregated them from their own home. This was an act of housing discrimination.
  • Deaths in Lodz

    Deaths in Lodz
    The long cold nights in the Lodz Ghettos, consisted of several deaths in Daniels family. Mainly due to starvation and frostbite. Daniels father was smart however, he made sure to ration food and keep their warm clothes to keep his family alive.
  • Work Camps

    Work Camps
    Daniel and his family were enslaved in labor. Anyone who couldn't work would be sent away, and eventually killed. This included Oma Rachael, other sick people, kids under ten, elders who were too old to work. Oma Rachael became sick because she gave pieces of her food to her family. This selfless act saved others but put herself in danger. A Gastop officer arrived at the ghetto. He segregated people from their own families. Sending the “weak” away. Including people from Daniels family.
  • Daniel meets Rosa

    Daniel meets Rosa
    Daniel was in his underwear has he picked tics from his infested clothes. Walking into their apartment was Erika with a new friend. Her name was Rosa. Daniel was love struck at first sight. When she left, he was stuck in a trance. Rosa was all Daniel thought about.
  • Half gone

    Half gone
    It's been about three years since they arrived at the ghetto. The population was cut from 160,000 to 80,000 from 1940 to 1943. This was only a small portion of the mass genocide of the Jews. Death became normal to Daniel. He was not even phased by the frozen corpses laying all over across the streets. The freezing climate did only made things harder for all the starving people. These Jews weren't even treated like humans.
  • Rosa's Leadership

    Rosa's Leadership
    Daniel and his metal factory provided decent food. His soup had carrots, potatoes and rations of meat. This was not fair towards the sewing factory where Rosa worked. So, she and the rest of the factory refused to eat. In effort to receive better food. They were fired at first, but eventually they gave in and provided better food. This act lead by Rosa displays her leadership and how brave she is.
  • End is near

    End is near
    Daniel and his family had illegally kept a radio hidden away in their apartment. They listened to the radio in hope of hearing good news. Their prayers were answered. France and Russia were making efforts to invade. Other Germans fought back against Hitler. This amazing news was spread across the ghetto. People had faith in their hearts. Freedom was so, so close.
  • Arriving at the Concentration camp

    Arriving at the Concentration camp
    The Nazis lined up all the prisoners. They started a selection. Daniel and his father were selected to work. They would be put in slavery. The selected went through a process. They were stripped of their clothing, shaved, disinfected, and assaulted/beaten. In the end, daniel ended up with his father in a barrack. Not everyone made it, others were mask killed by using deadly gases. They were then burned in a giant oven. Erika and Daniels mothers location was currently unknown.
  • Conditions in concentration camp

    Conditions in concentration camp
    Daniel and his father were separated from their family. The concentration camps were far worse than the ghettos. They had no freedom and felt like real prisoners. The rations were horrible, the labor was hard etc. People were killed when they became to weak to work.
  • SS officer kills Boy

    SS officer kills Boy
    A boy was sweeping a hall way, he misses a spot of dirt. The SS Officer approaching him confronts him, telling him he "missed a spot of dirt." The SS Officer shoots the young boy in the leg. The boy drops in agony. "Get up!" The Officer yells. He shoots the other leg. He then empty's his clip into the by. Daniel was disgusted. How was a man with two kids of his own capable of doing such a thing. This was dehumanizing.
  • Uprise for the Jews

    Uprise for the Jews
    The prisoners were now armed, ready to fight back and rebel. Daniel and his father shot two Guards. One in a tower other on ground survived. Father uses his wisdom and says to keep the Nazi alive. "Every live Nazi is another won we could put on trial." Daniel was filled with rage, but he obeyed.
  • Daniel spares SS Officer

    Daniel spares SS Officer
    Daniel approached the SS Officer from earlier, that murdered the innocent boy. The Officer was now locked up. Daniel requests to speak to him. He tells the Officers daughter what he is about to do, and that is is only for pretend. Daniel grasps the little girl and threatens the Officier. ¨Remember the boy you killed?¨ Daniel spares the little girl, in hope the SS Officer learns something. That he realizes the real monster are the not the Jews, but themselves.
  • Polish Men Jump Daniel and Peter

    Polish Men Jump Daniel and Peter
    Daniel and Peter were waiting to get on the train, they were headed to Lodz in search for Rosa and Erika. They are stopped and assaulted by a group of Polish farm boys. Peter received a huge beating. In anger, Daniel pulls out his gun and shoots one the the Polish boys in the leg. He threatens the others. He has gone crazy. He yells for aid. Peter in critical condition. The nearest hospital was 2 hours away. Daniel, his father, and Peter boarded the train. It was unknown if Peter would make it.
  • Conclusion

    After receiving a severe beating, Peter did not make. Daniel heads back to Lodz in search of Rosa and Erika. He searches around, bu then, his eyes lock onto her. There she was. They greeted each other in happiness. They were so deeply in love. However, Rosa had informed Daniel that Erika had passed away. Daniel did not know how to feel. Happy that he survived and is with some of his family members. Or to be sad and mourn over his lost ones. Daniel will speak of his experience and teach others.