Dan Gable

By mehabr1
  • Date of birth

    Dan Gable was born in oct 25 1948 in Iowa, water loo.
  • Period: to

    Dan Gable

  • The Tragedy

    His older sister, Diane, was brutally raped and murdered May 31, 1964, in the Gable family home,
  • champ

    The NCCA Champion
  • (Negitiator) Olympics 2

    He was an assistant freestyle coach at the and 1976 and 1988 Olympics
  • Hawkeys Enter

    When he first became the coach of hawkeys they were just an average team but after years it became one of the big ten. Gable help Hawkeys achieve NCCA championships.
  • (Resource allocator)"Dan Gable" The Coach

    Gable joined the Iowa coaching staff for the 1972-73 season, assisting head coach and Hall of Famer Gary Kurdelmeier, until taking over the program U.S.A Hall of Fame 1976-77 season.
  • Forming of a Dynasty(LEading)

    After Gable became the coach he lead the Hawkeys and won n NCCA title each year.
  • The Big Ten (organinzation)

    During his coaching career, Gable organized the hawkeys and gave them 21 consecutive victories for the Big ten Championships.
  • (Figurehead) THE BIG COACH

    During 1980s Gable was the head coach of olympics.
  • Legendary coach(staffing)

    During his coching career he picked 4 who went on to earn 7 gold medals.
  • (Monitor) Olympics

    He was an Freestyle assistant coach in Olympics
  • hawkeys winninng streak (controlling)

    In 1997 hawkeys who were expected to lose at their 17 th NCCA title, Dan gable directed them to a splendid victory. This was after his hip replacement surgery.
  • (Leader) THE COACH

    the Hawkeyes were expected to lose to the favored Oklahoma State Cowboys. But Gable, who was by this time coaching on crutches after hip replacement surgery, led his team to its 17th NCAA team title