Daily Life around the world

  • Life in the United States

    Life in the United States
    What life is like in the United States. What sort of jobs do men and women have? What do children do during the day? What types of food do we eat, and what type of clothes do we wear?
  • Life in Mexico

    Life in Mexico
    What types of food do people that live in Mexico eat? What types of jobs do men and women have and how is it different than the jobs people have in the United States. Do children do the same things as in the United States such as school? How is life in Mexico different than our life in the United States?
  • Life in South America

    Life in South America
    What life in like in South America. How life is different in South America than it is in the United States and Mexico. What types of food they eat, and what type of clothes they wear. What types of jobs do adults have. We will look at if children do the same type of things such as school and playing outside as they may do in some countries.
  • Life in Africa

    Life in Africa
    We will compare how life is in Africa and how it is different than life in the US and the other countries we looked at. What they wear, what they eat, and how life is. Is life tougher in that country and what possibilities to you have as a job.
  • Life in Japan

    Life in Japan
    What is life like in Japan? We will look at hoow life is living on an island nation. How there food is different. What jobs they have. what languages they speak and how they get around. What schools are like for childrens and how they compare to other countries we have looked at.