curriculum timeline

By mkheiri
  • Exploring Each Student's Needs

    Identify individual student's learning needs that represent who students are as learners. This will involve critical note taking based on experiences that entail direct interaction with students. Noticings about the student's socialization are also important at this stage. The goal of this process is to support the belief that all students can learn. This stage will be revisited considering that learning needs change.
  • Period: to

    Curriculum Development for Students with Disabilities

  • Survey of the Environment as Relevant to the Curriculum

    Evaluate student's learning environment. Involve students in suggesting improvements to adapt their classroom environments to their learning needs. Make physical changes as well as other changes relevant to learning needs. Evaluate how such changes benefit and/or disadvantage students. Question how such environmental changes enhance or detract from the curriculum.
  • Community Building

    Discuss problem solving with regard to social relationships within the classroom. Revisit and encourage positive learning that has taken place among peers. Invite students to discuss their social life in the classroom and in larger school settings.
  • Professional Development

    Meet with other staff members to exchange successful experiences in the implementation of the curriculum. What details were not successful? Revisit and strategize improvements for unsuccessful experiences while using the curriculum.
  • Differentiation

    Brainstorm methods to engage students so that they may learn from their own perspectives.