Cupertino, California

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  • Jan 1, 1535


    California was first explored by the Spanish. in 1535 Hernando Cortes lead an expedition to La Paz and opened a small colony.
    Origin of the name of the State: The name is believed to have been derived from a book called 'Las Sergas de Esplandian' by Garcia Ordonez de Montalvo which was written in 1510. The book centres around a mythical Spanish island ruled by a queen called 'Califia' - hence the name California
  • The Seven Year War

    1756 - 1763: The Seven Years War (French and Indian War) due to disputes over land is won by Great Britain. France gives England all French territory east of the Mississippi River, except New Orleans. The Spanish give up east and west Florida to the English in return for Cuba.
  • The American Revolution

    The American Revolution creates the United States of America. The Revolution was due to the British burden of taxes and total power to legislate any laws governing the American colonies
  • Declaration of Independence

    Declaration of Independence
    The United States declares Independence
  • Mexico Wins Independence

    Mexico Wins Independence
    Mexico wins its independence from Spain and becomes California's new ruler.US Trappers, including Jedediah Strong Smith, start trading in the state
  • War between Mexico and US

    War between Mexico and US
    The United States invades Mexico from the east starting the Mexican-American War won by the US on July 9, 1846
  • Gold Rush

    Gold Rush
    James Marshall discovered gold at Sutter's sawmill in Coloma which starts the Gold Rush
  • Statehood

    Statehood - The Date that California was admitted to the Union - September 9, 1850. Constitution - California was the 31st State to be admitted to the Union. State Motto - Eureka - motto translated as " I have found it "
  • American Civil War

    American Civil War
    1861 - 1865: The American Civil War. In 1859 John Brown raided Harpers Ferry and set in motion events that led directly to the outbreak of the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln, a known opponent of slavery, was elected president and in 1861 the South Secedes. The initial Secession of South Carolina was followed by the secession of Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee, and North Carolina. These eleven states eventually formed the Confederate States of A
  • End of Slavery

    End of Slavery
    The Abolishment of Slavery. The Thirteenth Amendment to the U.S Constitution is ratified, thus officially abolishing slavery