Create A Country

By agd4185
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  • Galamachee was found

    March 3,1933, 30 people in four boats sailed off the Southwest coast of Califiorna. On the trip there, 3 boats got lost at sea and only 7 people got to the island. The first person that stepped foot on Galamachee was named Addie Love. (That is why Galamachee is full of love.) The reason it is called Galamachee is because Addie's dad screamed out Machee when he got off the boat. So she decided to call it Galamachee instead.
  • First flag was raised.

    Everyone was gatherd to see the Galamachee flag being raised for the first time. The crowd was so large because some people showed up 5 hours before it started. Finally the Love family showed up to raise the flag. As they did there was a lot of cheering because Galamachee was now it's own country!
  • Freeodm Composition

    The Freedom Composition is a Composition that recognizes that Galamachee is now free!!!!! Everyone who lived in Galamachee got to sign it. It listed all the rules and rights that people of Galamachee should have. Everyone had an idea to pitch in and now the Presidents and goverment still stand by it.
  • Created first Teddy Bear

    When Teddy Michaels came to Galamachee for a family trip, his daughted saw our Galamachee doll which looked like a rag doll. Because she loved them so much her dad tried to make one that was soft. He got to work. First he tried cloth but that was not soft. He then tried cotton and it worked! He thought that bears have protection so he made it a bear not a doll. His daughter loved it. She named it "Teddy" because that was her dad's name.
  • War with Hawii

    October was a hard month for Galamachee. It all started when Hawaii drove a boat over to our Island asking if we wanted to sell our Island for $5,000,000 and we said, "No it was not for sale" Hawaii decided to bomb our bigest hotel which ended up as the start of the Hawiian War. In the end we won. It was a small war and not much was ruined because it only lasted for 13 days.
  • First Lady President

    It was a special day for Galamachee because the first female president was elected! She was a great leader. She always comapred things to the Freedom Composition. She kept the real Freedom Composition in her private office so no one could ever get it.