Cowstelo Na Colina Art/Culture

  • 500

    Cowstelo Na Colina ends

    The civil war that has been happeing for the past 50 years, has killed almost all the people and when the few remaining realise that they should stop fighting and live together there is not enough food, water and other important materials needed to survive. So they they all die of startvation and thirst.
  • Period: 500 to

    Cowstelo Na Colina Timespan

  • 550

    Civil War Breaks Out!

    People come to disagreements on how life should be lived and other important things, this then causes a war to start.
  • Jan 1, 625

    Books Invented

    Books Invented
    Books are invented as a way of recording and teaching people how to do things (cook, hunt, write, etc.). They are made of two medium thickness blocks sandwiching bits of paper, which is then secured with bits of string.
  • Jan 1, 650

    Theatre Invented

    Theatre Invented
    The theatre is invented to entertain people when they are bored. The performances are mainly of people dancing and singing.
  • Jan 1, 775

    Writing Invented

    Writing Invented
    Writing is invented so that events can be recorded in more detail. It is written using pen & ink. Writing is written on paper.
  • Jan 1, 1025

    Pictures Take On Eye-Shaped Form

    Pictures Take On Eye-Shaped Form
    Artists starts to paint with an eye-shaped canvas.
  • Jan 1, 1100

    Paintings invented

    Cave paintings advance onto proper paintings.
  • Jan 1, 1250

    Speaking Invented

    Speaking is invented and people can communicate more precisely.
  • Jan 1, 1300

    Fire Invented

    Fire is invented to cook raw meat and other foods.
  • Jan 1, 1475

    Pots Invented

    Pots Invented
    Pots are created out of clay for storing food and other materials. The clay is a mixture of dirt, water and some unknown materials.
  • Cave Paintings Invented

    People start making cave paintings of important events.
  • Ink Invented

    Ink Invented
    Ink is made from a combination of water and and blood for red, grass for green or blueberries for purple-blue. The ink is later used for art and writing but starts off as a dye.
  • Jobs/Roles Invented

    People are assigned to do certain tasks. Some of these include hunting, building, cooking and farming.
  • Music Invented

    Music is created by hitting a rock woth a stick, this later evolves in drums like that of today.
  • Festivals Invented

    Festivals are created as a way of celebrating improtant events.
  • Mosaic Invented

    Mosaic Invented
    Mosaics are invented as a new way for art to be shown. Coloured rocks are used for tiles.
  • Pen Invented

    Pen Invented
    Pens are invented to improve the quality of art. The pen is made from the feathers of native birds.
  • Sculpture Invented

    Sculpture Invented
    Sculpture is invented as yet another way of showing art.
  • Paper Invented

    Paper Invented
    Paper is invented. It is made from thin sheets of wood but is still very thick compared to today's standards.
  • Basic Communication Invented

    The people of Cowstelo learn to communicate via grunting and hand signals.
  • Cowstelo Na Colina Becomes A Civilization

    A small group of people start working together to form a village, which becomes a city, which eventually becomes the civilization.