Countdown to the SUPERBOWL

By ellces
  • Anti-Differentiation Review

    Anti-Differentiation Review
    I need to remember to step back and look for the easiest method to use. Also, memorize the trig ones!!!!!
  • Period: to

    Countdown to the Big Game!!

  • Diff. Equations/Growth/Decay/Logistics

    Diff. Equations/Growth/Decay/Logistics
    SEPARATE THOSE THOSE VARIABLES! know the differential equations in addition to the equations for logistics so you can know how to solve for it just in case. remember to recognize and use the words "proportional to amount present" to your advantage- logistics I'm pretty confident in my decay/growth/logistics abilities
  • AP Free Response Problems

    AP Free Response Problems
    I felt pretty confident in my ability to at least recognize what to do for each of the problems. Brandon and I struggled in places, but we learned to skip the places we were getting stuck in and trying to finish everything before going back.
  • More AP Free Response Practice!!

    More AP Free Response Practice!!
    Brandon and I struggled with the first problem regarding tangent lines and using mulitple different "terms" and variables. I need to review terminology for those tangent line questions haha.
    Otherwise, we got through everything and felt good.
  • Sequence and Series Review

    Sequence and Series Review
    The review on the differences between sequences and series was very helpful.
    As far as the tests for convergence and divergence go, it would be more helpful to just thoroughly review those at home. I think I'll redo some past worksheets or homeworks on those.
  • Series/Convergence Review

    Series/Convergence Review
    It's weird to think that we spent so long on this stuff and I've forgotten a ton of it. Need to restudy that sheet. I'm feeling pretty good about it though. It's the alternating series that sometimes confuse me.
  • Practice AP Test Review!

    Practice AP Test Review!
    We checked over the multiple guess and free response sections.
    Didn't do well on multiple guess, considering I didn't really do them(sorry about that Mr. Hyman, I was making up 83834 trillion assignments that week for all my teachers). Out of what I did, it looks like my biggest problem is memorizing formulas. MUST KMSC!! But, on the free responses I did with Brandon, we did pretty well! Got a couple 9's, 8's and 7's, and one 4. Hopefully I can do just as well by myself.
  • Series Practice(Taylor and more)

    Series Practice(Taylor and more)
    Felt pretty confident with the problems in class. The hard part is trying to avoid making a mistake early that will affect the rest of the problem. Also, creating Taylor series is harder than I remembered. Must practice a few more by Wednesday.
  • Volume Review

    Volume Review
    studied disk, washer, shell, and cross section methods. Remember: a good way to do it is to write out the area formula for the representative rectangle or shape, then figure out integral. ALWAYS DRAW THE RECTANGLE. Also, remember the differences between using rectangles that are parallel vs. perpendicular with the various formulas.
  • Reviewing Trig Rules

    Reviewing Trig Rules
    Had an AP this day, so the review I did at home was reviewing and memorizing trig identities, integration and differentiation rules, and anything else involving trig.
  • Hyman's Helpful Hints- Big Game Pep Talk

    Hyman's Helpful Hints- Big Game Pep Talk
    Came to class late becaude of Spanish AP, got t-shirt and Hyman's Helpful Hints. The most helpful hints were actually about test-taking itself. It was good to be reminded to make sure I move on when I can't answer a question, in addition to using any incorrect answers I have to get points for the rest of the question.

    BIG GAME!!!!!!!! It was a good, clean game. No illegal moves. Though it was clean, it was a long, hard, tough battle.