Congress: A History

  • First Meeting

    First Meeting
    The first Congress had it's first meeting in New York. It was adjourned because only 21 people showed up.
  • 1st Speaker of the House

    1st Speaker of the House
    The first congress voted Henry Clay to be the first speaker of the house.
  • Capitol Building Burned

    Capitol Building Burned
    Capitol was rebuilt after being burned down during the war of 1812. Benjamin Latrome was chosen to rebuid and design.
  • Henry Clay on California

    Henry Clay on California
    Henry Clay pleaded for California to be a free state for the North and in return her would return all run away slaves to their masters for the South.
  • War

    Civil War began.
  • Abolishment

    Congress passes the abolishment of slavery.
  • View is changed for Congress

    View is changed for Congress
    George W. Norris Stood up to Foul Mouth Joe and changed the view of Congress.
  • First Woman in Congress

    First Woman in Congress
    Woodrow Wilson tries to declare way against Germany. But the first woman in Congress, Jenette Rankin, said no.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    United States was bombed by the Japanese. Congress declared war. Jeanette Rankin opposed again.
  • McHarthy

    The McHarthy Hearings
  • Labor Management

    Labor Management
    The Labor Management Hearings
  • Watergate

    The Watergate Hearings