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Confucianism and the conquest of china

  • Period: Dec 9, 1205 to Nov 12, 1209

    mongol conquest of china

    Gehghis Khan launched a series of small attacks on the Western Xia of China and managed to conqur a series of small cities and towns. The intent of the raids was to strike fear into the heart of China in an attempt to force submission. They razed several cities and killed thousands of people. But this was only an appatizer for the Mongole army!
  • Period: Sep 9, 1211 to Sep 9, 1234

    official start of the war

    Genghis Khan declaired war on 1211 and planned to take over the Jin dynasty the same way he had done Western Xia. On the feild he killed upwards of 10,000 people. When conquring the cities he destroyed houses walls churches and killed all who resisted him including woman and children. They continued to kill the 150,000 soldures of the Xi Xia army.
  • Sep 9, 1227

    capturing of the capital

    capturing of the capital
    Attack one the capital of of Xia happened after the Xia refused submission. After they captured the capital they massicured its people and pilliged what was left of the city.
  • Sep 9, 1230

    destroying civilisation

    destroying civilisation
    once the mongols captured the intended citys they destroyed all buildings claimed the surrounding farms and unciviliesed all cities to suit there needs and the grazing needs of there horses and livestock. They replaced buildings with series of tent viliges.
  • Sep 11, 1233

    the destruction

    the destruction
    Mongols destroyed thousands of miles of cultivated land for there greedy purposes.