Computers throughout History

By u13m
  • Difference Engine

    The Difference Engine was never released on the market. It was known as the first mechanical computer.
  • Period: to

    Computer History

  • Z1 Computer

    The first freely programmable computer
  • ABC Computer

    First electroincal computing device
  • Colossus

    World's first programmable, digital, mechanical computer.
  • ENIAC1 Computer

    First programmable, "general-use" computer.
  • Space War Computer Game

    World's first computer game YAY!!!!!!!
  • Apple

    It is now the base of some of the most used appliances in the world.
  • Windows XP

    Now one of the most used computer software in the world
  • Iphone 4s

    It is the predeccesor of the Iphone 5.
  • Iphone 5

    It is the newest apple Iphone that apple has released.