Computer History Timeline

Timeline created by nluke16
  • Complex Number Calculator

    Complex Number Calculator
    The CNC was being produced in 1939 and was first sold in 1940. It was the first ever electric calculator and was made by Bell Telphone Labratories. It was significant because it was known to be at the first demonstration of remote access computing.
  • Harvard Mark - 1

    Harvard Mark - 1
    The Harvard Mark - 1 calculator was a room sized, relay - based calculator that was designed by Howard Aiken and built by IBM. This is significant because it was the first calculator to produce mathmatical tables, but was soon superseded by stored program computers.
  • ERA 1101

    ERA 1101
    The ERA 1101 was created by Engineering Associates of Minneapolis. Their first customer was the U.S. Navy. It was significant because it held 1 million bits on the first magnetic storage device.
  • TX-0

    The TX-0 was built by MIT reasearchers. It was significant because it was the first general purpose, programmable computer built with transistors.
  • PDP-8

    This computer was significant because it was the first successful mini computer and was first sold for $18,000 dollars.
  • Nova

    The Nova was first produced in 1968 with 32 kilobytes of memory. It was also significant because it sold for just over $8,000 dollars.
  • HP-35

    The HP-35 was significant because it was extremely accurate at performing logarithmic and trigonometric equations.
  • Apple I

    Apple I
    Steve Wozinak created the Apple I. It was significant because it was a single board computer , but didn't have a screen.
  • Commodore 64

    Commodore 64
    The Commodore 64 was made in 1982. It was significant because it had 64KB of RAM and sold for $595.
  • Graphics and Games

    Graphics and Games
    !992 was a big year for computer technology because it was a big step for towards something big. Graphics and effects took a huge jump and also video games were first made.