Computer History Timeline

  • Antikythera Device,

    Antikythera Device,
    The Antikythera Device, a bronze mechanical lunar month calculator, is constructed in Greece
  • Calcuator

    Wilhelm Schickard designs the first known mechanical calculator, the "Calculating Clock" to multiply large numbers.
  • Type writer

    The first typewriter is patented by William Austin Burt. It's slow and clumsy, but it's the first writing machine.
  • adding with printer

    Burroughs produces the first adding machine with a printer
  • Magnetic memory

    Jay Forester develops magnetic memory at M.I.T.
  • Commercial

    Commercial transistor computers make their first appearance
  • Mouse Pointing

    Douglas Engelbart receives a patent on the mouse pointing device for computers
  • DeskPro

    Compaq introduces the DeskPro 386, the first computer to use the 80386 chip
  • Interent Explorer

    Microsoft introduces its lame version of a browser, Internet Explorer 3.0
  • iMac

    Apple releases the iMac