Computer History

By nhipham
  • Z1 Computer

    Z1 Computer
    First freely programmable computer. This is important because it started the process to making the computers we have today.
  • ABC Computer

    ABC Computer
    It is important because it could process language. This was a breakthrough because it lead to the creation of better computers that could help with simple everyday things such as writing.
  • Harvard Mark-1

    Harvard Mark-1
    This was the first room sized computer that was able to calculate hard math and create math tables. This is important because it gave the ideas for our TI calculators we use today.
  • Colossus

    This was a computer that used 1,500 vaccums in order to break the codes of the Nazi's in WW2 this is important because it is like a first spyware too.

    This was the first computer finished that could store memory. This is important because computers now became systems that were more personalized and advanced because it could store memory.
  • Manchester Mark I

    Manchester Mark I
    This was the very first computer that had everything it was a complete system. It's important because now people could take this and build off it instead of putting together multiple parts.
  • Standards Eastern Automatic Computer

    Standards Eastern Automatic Computer
    This was important because it was the first computer to have all-diode logic, a technology more reliable than vacuum tubes.
  • IBM 650 magnetic drum calculator

    IBM 650 magnetic drum calculator
    This was a calculator created and sold.
    This is important because it was the first mass produced computer.
  • the Alto

    the Alto
    the Alto was the first work station with a built-in mouse for input. Important because it was one of the first computer that could fit on a table and was sold commercially.
  • PC clone

    PC clone
    This computer was a portable one that was smaller but had all the systems that a regular PC had. The very first laptops.