Computer History

By Strider
  • Z1

    The first proper programmable computer, it was made by Konrade Zuse, who later made different models of this.
  • Z3

    On 1941, Konrad Zuse created a third model of his Z1, the Z3. This computer was the worlds first fully automatic cumputing machine. This masterpiece of technology was destroyed in 1943 when the allies bombed berlin. Here is the computer and Konrad Zuse
  • Mark 1

    Mark 1
    This computer was made by IBM and Havard university. It made many calculations, but then again, it weighed 5 tonnes
  • ENIAC Built

    ENIAC Built
    The ENIAC was the first general purpose computer that worked on electricity. The computer was made for the Ballistic Research Labratory.
  • Microsoft

    Paul Allen and Bill Gates create the multi-billion software comany, which then goes on to create many versions of Windows software.
    ( 1975 Microsoft Logo )
  • Apple II

    Apple II
    Steve Jobs and his company create the famous houshold computer, the Apple II. This 8 bit computer
  • Samsung SPC-1000

    Samsung SPC-1000
    In 1938 Lee Byung-Chul started a company that will change history forever, 44 years later the SPC-1000 was mading marking the spot as the companies first personal computer.
  • Yahoo!

    On the 1st of march yahoo was made! This becomes a huge sucess, because of this email brand! Founded by David Filo and Jerry Yang, this will go down in history.
  • Google is Invented

    Google is Invented
    Founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, google is now today one of the most used browers. It becomes a world wide phenonmon.
  • First Macbook

    First Macbook
    Apple creates their first model of the ever famous, macbook. With new models being made after it, the mid version became the single best selling laptop in US retail shops.