Computer History

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    Computer HIstory

    This is a timeline about computers ranging from 1939 to 1956
  • HP 200A Audio Oscillator

    HP 200A Audio Oscillator
    This is sometimes used for sound effects before
  • The Complex Number Calculator (CNC)

    The Complex Number Calculator (CNC)
    It is like a calculator
  • The Z3 Computer

    The Z3 Computer
    It is an early computer that was used for maths
  • The Atanasoff-Berry Computer (ABC)

    The Atanasoff-Berry Computer (ABC)
    It was used for math reasons
  • Harvard Mark-1

    Harvard Mark-1
    Basically a relay based calculator
  • Colossus

    Was designed to break complex Lorenz ciphers.
  • Selective Sequence Electronic Calculator

    Selective Sequence Electronic Calculator
    It was a calculator
  • Lyons Electronic Office

    Lyons Electronic Office
    It was used to solve problems
  • TX-0

    the first general-purpose, programmable computer built with transistors
  • SAGE — Semi-Automatic Ground Environment

    SAGE — Semi-Automatic Ground Environment
    The first large scale computer communication system.