computer history

  • Z1 computer

    the first freely programmable computer was made by konrad zuse
  • IBM

    IBM ships its first eleectronic computer the 701

    MIT being experimenting on direct keyboard input on computers, a precursor todays normalality.
  • first game

    steve russel and MIT created the first ever computer game "spaceware"
  • the mouse

    douglas englebart crreated the computer mouse and windows

    Steve wozniak designed the apple 1, the single board computer, now with this he and steve jobs get their business started
  • LISA

    apple build lisa. the first computer with a graphical user interface but being to expensive let to the ultimate failure of lisa.
  • microsoft vs apple

    microsoft became real and began its fight with apple
  • WWW

    The world wide web was born by tim berners lee after creating hyper text market language (HTML)
  • web browser

    Mosaic web browser is released making it the first commercial software that allowed graphical access on the internet