Old computer

Computer Development

  • Concept of a Computing Machine

    Concept of a Computing Machine
    Alan Turing: Alan Turing develops the concept of a theoretical computing machine This was important because it started the whole evolution of computers.
  • First RAM created

    First RAM created
  • First Electronic Computer

    First Electronic Computer
  • First Silicon Chip

    First Silicon Chip
    First Silicon Chip was created by Kilby and Robert Noyce, This was important in advancement because it also plays a huge role in computers today and is still being developed to become better.
  • First Floppy Disk Created

    First Floppy Disk Created
    IBM invented the world's first floppy disk. This was a huge success considering RAM and ROM were not very reliable and still are not. Also began the evolution of removeable storage.
  • E-Mail Invented

    E-Mail Invented
    E-Mail was inveneted by Ray Tomlinson which was a significant invention. It is so great because it brought on a whole new idea of internet use and computer advancement ideas.
  • First Personal Computer with Colored Graphics

    First Personal Computer with Colored Graphics
    Apple Demonstrates the Apple II, which is a personal computer complete with color graphics. This was a significant event because the idea of color drew people to buy it more, and computers bbecame more widespread.
  • Computer Mouse Invented

    Computer Mouse Invented
    The first computer mouse was invented by Windows. This is a significant event because learning all the commands on the keyboard dettured people from buying and using computers. Using a mouse to navigate was much easier.
  • The Internet

    The Internet
    The Internet, or World Wide Web was created! The internet changed everything. Comouters now were in a greater need and many advancements came from the invention of the internet.
  • Google Created

    Google Created
    The invention of Google may not have done much in advancing the computer in its hardware, but Google became a worldwide phenominon and spread the use of the internet, therefore promoting people to buy a computer at home, which encouraged computer companies to create more advancements in technology.