computer advancemnets in the 1980's

By BethAnn
  • Hepatitis B vaccine

    Baruch Blumberg discoverd a vaccine to keep hepatitis B away. He was American. Hepatitis effects the liver.
  • VCR

    The VCR was first introduced in Matsushita, Asia. It became popular. A lot of homes in the US got one.
  • the buisness

    Big business had recognized the importance of the computer from the beginning; but by the 1980s, as equipment and the programs to make it useful became affordable.
  • Confren

    The business Comferon developed a system to help on-site communication. It uses beepers and headset for meeting. This made easier communication.
  • The Walkman

    This was invented in Japan first. It is used to listen to music. The Walkman is similar to an IPod.
  • 1st computer related death

    Jeff Dailey was the first man to die from computer gaming. He was 19 years old. He died of a heart attack.
  • The portable computer

    By 1981, Adam Osborne had developed the first "portable" computer. Using C/PM, as an operating system WordStar as a word processor, SuperCalc as a spreadsheet and MBASIC and CBASIC for programming your own programs. The Osborne I could connect to a printer, and was small enough to fit under the seat of an airplane.
  • First atifical human heart

    Dr. Robert Jarvik invented the first artifical human heart. It was put into a sick person through surgury. It didn't help them survive for long periods of time.
  • First CD albums

    Athough cds were invented earlier, this is when the first albums came out. They were'nt very popular at first.
  • Carmon Sandiego

    Carmon Sandiego is a geographical computer game. You have to find Carmon somewhere in the world. This was very popular then.
  • Apple Macintosh

    Apple ran ads for the Macintosh. The commercials for it cost 1.5 million dollars. Steve Jobs was on of the makers.
  • Hand held tvs

    Hand held tvs were invented in the 1980's. Popular shows included Max Headroom and Hillstreet Blues. You could use these in a car or work.
  • Pac-Man

    Video games become popular in the 1980;s the biggest one was pac-man. Along with other games to. Space invadors were popluar to.
  • The Windows Operating System

    Microsoft released the Windows Operating System on Nov. 20, 1985. The system included a game called Reversi. This system was also called Microsoft 1.0.
  • First disposible camera

    Utsuran invented the first disposible camera in Japan. It sold for 1380 yens or $17.68. After its release in Japan, other companies started to copy it.
  • High Temp. Superconductors

    Georg Bednorz and Alex Mueller invented this while experimenting at IBM. The superconductors allowed liquid nitrogen to be used as a coolant. It was invented in Switzerland.
  • Laser printer

    Apple introduced the first personal laser printer. It was called the Apple Laserwriter. It cost $7,000
  • Nitendo

    Nintendo releases its first video game console for the home, NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). It debuts with the Super Mario Brothers game. Zelda soon follows and revolutionizes the game industry.
  • Contact Lens

    Eye color changing contacts were invented. Also, contact solution was invented in this year. Multipurpose contact lens were invent
  • Dopplar Radar

    Christian Andreas Doppler invented the first dopplar radar. He studied the frequency of sound and light waves. The dopplar radar helps track the weather.
  • HDTV

    HDTV stands for high definition television. It is still being perfected today. This is one of the most notable inventions of this decade.