communal and political awakening.

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  • shuddhi and sangathan movements.

    shuddhi and sangathan movements.
    during the 1920s, radial communal parties such as the shuddhi and Sangathan caused communal riots.
  • gandhi being released

    gandhi being released
    Gandhi who had been jailed after the noncooperation movement was released in 1924
  • The simon commision

    The simon commision
    Lord Birkenhead, the secretary of state for India, sent the Simon commission in 1927 to find out the views of the main political parties.
  • The Nehru Report.

    The Nehru Report.
    As a result, an all-parties conference was held at Delhi in 1927, and a committee led by Motilal Nehru and T.B. spare was formed to draft a future constitution for India. called the Nehru Report of 1928.
  • fourteen points

    fourteen points
    Mohammad Ali Jinnah's fourteen points.
  • Allama Iqbal allahabad address

    Allama Iqbal allahabad address
    om 29 December 1930, a year after Jinnah's 14 points, Allama Iqbal presided over the All-India Muslim League session at Allahabad.