Communal and Political Awakening

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  • Religious Awakening of Hindus.

    Religious Awakening of Hindus.
    Hindus of British India got fed up of British rule and wanted to get their promised self-rule already.
  • Gandhi released from Jail.

    Gandhi released from Jail.
    Mr. Gandhi was imprisoned for the Chauri Chaura incident from the Non-Cooperation movement, and was released after four years.
  • The Simon Commission.

    The Simon Commission.
    Sir John Simon led the Simon Commission to find out the views of the main political parties of the Indians, but it eventually got abandoned.
  • The Nehru Report.

    The Nehru Report.
    The Nehru Report demanded dominion status for India from the British but would make Muslims loose their separate electoral status.
  • Mr. Jinnah's Fourteen Points.

    Mr. Jinnah's Fourteen Points.
    Mr. Jinnah drew up his Fourteen Points which would form the charter of Muslim demands for any future constitutional arrangement in India.
  • The Salt March.

    The Salt March.
    After having enough of British rule, Gandhi led his Salt March as a symbol of disobedience and gathering the salt which was a govt. tax.