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  • 1780

    King Gorge lll sends the first group of convicts to New Holland to found the first colony in Sydney cove. They assumed that the aboriginals did not own the land and would step aside.
    Aboriginals are not the only inhabitants .The French were stoped from colonising Australia .WE inherited the English religion, laws and values.
  • 1790

    The Europeans used up all there food and all there crops died (called a famine). The second fleet known as the death fleet came and stopped the famine.
    Aboriginal people had no food and could not hunt. So the Aboriginals had to steal british food .The british and Aboriginals got in a fight.
  • 1800

    Men outnumber women estimated 20 to 1. Another settlement is established and named Hobart town it is at the bottom of van demans land .Pemuluway was killed and his head was sent to England But his sun tedbury continued the resistance .
  • Effect

    The british are taking over the whole country and slowly Killing aboriginals the british are still fighiting the aboriginals .
  • 1810

    There are now nearly 12000 white people in Australia .A new hospital has been built for free settlers and convicts .Governor Macquarie sent some convicts to go see if there was any good crop land they found the blue mountains trade route.
  • effect

    More people = more houses - trees and homes for aboriginals. Less sick people and diseases.
  • 1820

    Still more white people now 24000 just in NSW .Fort Dundas is established as a part of the colony of NSW. It is the first colony in the northern part of Australia .Governor Macquarie sent bad convicts to build a main high way connecting Launceston to Hobart.
  • effect

    The white people definitely out number the aboriginals .The British are still taking land for themselves .The British have cleared the land for the highway but also took places for the aboriginals.
  • 1830

    Squatters have been introduced .They get any land but only for 10 to 15 years to raise cattle. That is only with a licence .South Australia is founded at the old gum tree near Glenelg. Stockmen kill approximately 30 ABORIGINALS.
  • effect

    Squatters can take the aboriginals land and not even care. At an even faster rate killing aboriginals and taking over the land.
  • 1840

    The royal Melbourne hospital first public hospital opened for the first time .The police force in Queensland was formed and opened .In South aus Adelaide was founded .The first proto-national flag was made.
  • effect

    The Europeans now have somewhere to go when they get sick .The conflict will decrease and finaly Aus is declared one country.
  • 1850

    The Eureka stockade was on and a lot of gold was found .Western Australia is established as a penal settlement .In 1856 Tasmania was named Tasmania.
    Everyone will have money and be happy. The bad people will have somewhere to go.
  • Lachlan Maquarie

    Was governor after Arthur Phillip. On 1 January 1810,Macquarie became the Governor of New South Wales .He gave convicts the same rights as free settlers . He was the first man from the British Army to be appointed to the position. He banned the drinking of alcohol and working
    on Sundays . Macquarie made many changes that helped
    the colony grow and develop. He used convicts
    to build public works, such as buildings,
    roads and new towns.
  • Lachlan Maquaier

    . This created a lot of
    business and changed the appearance of the
    colony. Macquarie also introduced the first
    colonial coins in 1814. Four years later, the first
    bank opened. These changes provided better
    conditions for business and helped lower prices . Macquarie encouraged exploration. In 1813,
    Gregory Blaxland, William Wentworth and
    William Lawson crossed the Blue Mountains
    by following the mountain ridges instead of the
    valleys. John Oxley,
  • Lachlan Maquarie

    , Surveyor-General, explored
    the north and made important discoveries,
    including the future site of Brisbane.
  • Effect


    This got business moving.It opened lots of trade routes .trade routes found Brisbane and Blue Mountains. encouraged exploration and built new roads and buildings.
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