Cold War

By 1maddz1
  • Yalta coferance

    The three largest powers met at this conferance. They discussed the creation of a united nations. All three powers agrees, the first meeting of the united nations was held in april 1945
  • Marshall plan

    This was a plam to aid Europe after world war II. Included was a 13 billion dollaraid for their economic recovery.(soviets saw this as americas attempt to buy support of countries)
  • Truman Doctrine

    The U.S. would provide money to greese who were threataned by communist expansion.
  • NATO

    This treaty was created to deter soviet expansion,forbidding militarism in Europe through a noth American continent and encouraging euorpean political integration
  • Berlian Airlift

    After the Russians closed all the travel passages to drive the other governments away Berlin couldnt get food and supplies into the country and they were starving. So the U.S. brought food and supplies by plane.
  • USSR atomic bomb

    "First Lightning" was detonated on August 29, 1949. Scientist constructed a town-like setting to detonate the bomb in. They also put animals locked in cages in the area so they could test the effects of radiation on them.
  • Korean war begins

    North and south Korean fought. this was the first military action of the cold war. In july the amricans entered the war on the souths side.
  • Rosenberg spy case

    JUlias and Ethal were arrested in suspicion of passing government intormation to the russian government. The information was on nuclear weapons. They were found guilty and were ordered death sentances.
  • East German uprising

    Germans protested against the governments want of product eaces. Within a fshort while millions of people were protesting with them.
  • Korean war ends

    After many years of horrible war the U.S., peoples republic of china, north Korea and south Korea agreed to an armistance which ended the war
  • Warsaw pact

    The pact was an agreement that the soviets were in charge of the armed forces of the member of states. the member of states included the soviet union, albania, poland, romania, hungary, east germany, czechlosovakia, and bulgaria
  • Hungarian uprising

    HUngarian expressed their feelings and the 16 things they wanted to happen including personal freedom and more food.
  • Sputnik

    First earth satelite launched into a low elptical orbit on october 4, 1957
  • Nakita Kruschev comes to power

    Kruuschev decided to stop some of the politics of stalins regimine once he came to power, He did not like the terror in stalins acts.He stopped stalins rutheless policys. this became known as de-stalinization.
  • U2 incident

    Soviets shot down American spy planein soviet air and captured the piolet, Francis Gary
  • Berlin wall (building)

    First they sealed of east and west Germany with barbed wire, then the began building the Berlin wall. The Berlin wall would seperate Germany for 28 years.
  • Bay of Pigs invasion

    President Kennedy had Cuban exiles invade Cuba to try and start a revult against Castro. Many of the exiles were captured or killed.
  • Cuban missle crisis

    An American plane saw nuclear weapon sights being built in the soviet union and cuba.
  • Prague Spring

    This was a political liceration in czechlosovakia after WWII
  • Mikail Gorbeenev comes to power

    They had a plan to reform called perstokia. THey made an open discussion for his politics to make people want it more.
  • Berlin Wall (taking down)

    On november 9, 1989 people swarmed the wall and began taking it down. The government had no control and ordered the restr of the wall to be taken down.
  • German unification

    Basically west and east Germany were finallly brought together. THe Berlin wall was torn down and then christian democrats won the election, they supported political union in west germany. So by october 3, 1990 east and west Germany were united as one.