Cold War

  • Iron Curtian

    Iron Curtian
    The Iron Curtain was a non-tangible boundry that sepereated the non-communist states of Europe from the communist states of east Europe.
  • United Nations

    United Nations
    A band of nations united to create peace among countries. They aim to solve international problems.
  • Truman Doctorine and Containment

    Truman Doctorine and Containment
    A policy stating that any country allied with America would receive support in an effort to stop communism from spreading to that country. Just like the Berlin Airlift, it was created to stop the spread of communism. Containment was used to stop the spread of communism by the use of nuclear force.
  • The Second Red Scare

    The Second Red Scare
    The Second Red Scare was a large fear of Soviet spies penetrating the American government and giving away secrets on how to make the atomic bomb. It was a large period of accusation because people were afraid that their neighbors were spies and this was started largely by Joseph McCarthy and his trials.
  • Marshall Plan

    Marshall Plan
    The Marshall Plan was a plan to give money to Europe to prevent the spread of Communism. After World War 2, Europe was in dire need of assistance, so the US gave money. An example of this in action is the Berlin Airlift.
  • Berlin Airlift

    Berlin Airlift
    The Soviet Union blocked railways, canals and roads to stop supplies from reaching sections of Berlin under allied control. In response, allied forces created a massive airlift of supplies. Over 200,000 flights and 4700 tons of supplies were delivered daily. This proved that the Allies would not give in to the Soviets.
  • Joseph McCarthy

    Joseph McCarthy
    McCarthy was a U.S. senator from Wisconsin. Durring the 1950's he accused many famous and important people of being communist spies. He would bring these accusations to national levels and said that he had a black book full of 205 names of communist spies in the government and the military. These accusations ruined these people lives, regardless if they were or weren't actually spies. The Second Red Scare is what caused McCarthy to do these trials.
  • Korean War

    Korean War
    The Korean war resulted from the political division of North and South Korea. The Soviets controlled the north with communism and the south by Nationalistic countries (America). It was one of the first events in the Cold War. The United Nations step in to help solve the dispute.
  • Cold War CIA

    Cold War CIA
    The CIA was very young during these yeaars. They had their first Cold War incident whe nthe USSR shot down an American U-2 spy plane and they tried to cover up and lie about it. They had another big failure with the Bay of Pigs assasination attempt of Fidel Castro when they trained Cuban revolutionaries and sent them into Cuba to kill Castro. This failed misserably and ended with the loss of many lives.
  • Vietnam War

    Vietnam War
    The Vietnam War was a Cold War era war between North Vietnam and its communist allies and South Vietnam and its anit-communist allies. The US who sided with South Vietnam saw the protection of South Vietnam from communism as a smaller, but important part of their Containment plan to keep communism from spreading to all of Asia.
  • Hawks and Doves

    Hawks and Doves
    Durring the Vietnam War America was split between the Hawks and Doves. The Hawks wanted to use force and send more troops into Vietnam to win the war. The Doves didn't want more fighting, they wanted to withdraw the troops from Vietnam and wanted to settle the war with peace instead of having more fighting.
  • USSR Launches Sputnik

    USSR Launches Sputnik
    The Sputnik 1 satelitre was the first artificial satelite to be put into Earth's orbit.This was done by the Soviet Union and it provided a scare for Americans because they feared that the Soviets would spy on them with it. This ignited the space race where both countries were racing eachohter to put new thing in space
  • Space Race

    Space Race
    Was a struggle between the USSR and the USA to gain firsts in space exploration. They were seen necessary to show technological superiority over one another. It involoved artificial space probes human space exploration and moon exploration.
  • Bay Of Pigs

    Bay Of Pigs
    The “Bay of Pigs” was an unsuccessful attempt to overthrow the Cuban government. Several hundred Cubans trained by the CIA invaded Southern Cuba only to fail shortly after.
  • Cuban Missle Crisis

    Cuban Missle Crisis
    After failed attempts to overthrow Cuba, such as the bay of pigs, Cuban’s and Soviets began building missile bases. In response, the U.S blockaded Cuba from and incoming ships due the possibility of nuclear weapons being on board. Eventually, the Soviets backed off and turned around.