Cognitive Strategy Instruction got Adolescents

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  • Define - Cognitive Strategy

    constructive interactions with texts, both written and digital, in which good readers and writers continuously create meaning.
  • Examples of Cognitive Strategy Instruction

    Asking questions to interrogate texts, summarizing, activating prior knowledge, and organizing and engaging prior knowledge with newly learned information
  • Why does Cognitive Strategy Instruction matter?

    This type of strategy is needed in preparing students for success in college and the work place. Students need to be able to think critically.
  • Three types of literacy.

    Prose Literacy
    Document Literacy
    Quantitative Literacy
  • What is the goal of Cognitive Strategy Instruction

    To develop students strategic tools for reasoning by using any kind of tool. Students need to be able to translate this skill into the work place or further education.
  • Prose Literacy [Define]

    The knowledge and skills needed to understand and use information from texts that include editorials, news stories, poems, and fiction.
    This literacy would be useful for getting through everyday life without hitches in reading common materials. I think many people are not where they should be with this skill.
  • Document Literacy [Define]

    The knowledge and skills required to locate and use information contained in job applications, payroll forms, transportation schedules, maps, tables, and graphs. This is a literacy is one that many people have acquired to get through the everyday bustle with needing to get by.
  • Quantitative Literacy [Define]

    The knowledge and skills required to apply arithmetic operations, either alone or sequentially, using numbers embedded in printed materials. This is a literacy that I struggle with today, as do many people.