Coal Dicovered in Australia

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  • European settlement

    European settlement was established in Australia
  • Coal Dicovered in Australia

    Coal was dicovered by Europeans
  • The next dicovery of coal

    the next discovery of coal was by William clarke on the south coast of New South Wales
  • The first coalmine

    The first coalmine in Australia was established near the mouth of the Hunter Rive
  • Permanent settlement

    Governor King set up a permanent settlement there naming it Newcastle, this became the centre of development for Australia's coal trade.
  • Production of salt

    Salt was then produced by boiling sea water using coal for fuel.
    this operated from 1804 till 1808
  • Production of lime

    Seashells were burnt to produce lime for building this operated from 1804 till 1808
  • The Arival of Steam engine

    the first steam engine to be shipped to the colony of New South Wales arrived
  • New engines

    There were six engines introduced
  • First Paddle Steamer

    The Sophia Jane was the first paddle streamer which was built in England and arrived in Sydney
  • Frist steam powered vessel in Australia

    The Surprise made its first voyage from Sydney to Parramatta. It became the frist steam powered vessel in Australia
  • The growth of engineering works

    The growth of engineering works stimulated greater need for iron and steel. Imports for the five years to 1835 totalled about 5500 tonnes of iron and steel, and a further 7500 tonnes were imported at the end of 1840
  • Fourmills

    there were 26 in flourmills and ten in other industrie
  • Peter Russel took over the Sydney Foundry and Engineering Works

    Peter Russel took over the Sydney Foundry and Engineering Works
  • Smelting in Australia

    The first attempt at establishing iron and steel smelting in Australia, Mittagong, NSW.
  • Goldfields were open

    Goldfields were open
  • Steamships

    Steamships were running sevices between ports including Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Moreton Bay, Adelaide and Tasmania.
  • The first railway line

    In Victoria, the first railway line in Australia opened between Melbournes flinders street station and Port Melbourne, then called Sandridge
  • Ballarat

    In Ballarat, there were 13 stream engines in 1855, 133 in 1858 and 342 in 1861, mainly used to pump out water from the goldmines
  • The first cast-iron foundry

    Scott Clow and Probble opened the first cast-iron foundry in Melbourne
  • Establishing an iron and steel works

    Enoch Hughes established a rolling mill in Melbourne and later was to play a mjor role in establishing an iron and steel works in Lithgow,NSW
  • Smelting commences

    Smelting commences at Port PIrio, South Australia
  • Repairing farming equipment

    Ballarat had ten foundries, eight for mining equipment and two for producing and repairing farming equipment
  • Closher of smeltin plants

    The smelting plant was not economical and closed
  • he Lal Lal Iron Mining

    The Lal Lal Iron Mining Co.Ltd was formed
  • A small blast furnace

    A small blast furnace was built in 1875 and oeprated into the 1880s but was never an economic prposition
  • Development of an industrial society

    Gold gave a huge financial boost to Australia leading to the boom of the 1880s when the infrastructure for the development of an industrial society was put in place
  • First major mining

    Australia was to have its first major mining and steel production company
  • Lead to China

    First export of lead to China