Class Activity Social Studies 13 Colonies

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    Social Studies Class Activity 13 Colonies

    The english people started founding of Georgia
  • Virginia

    expand trade, found by John Smith
  • Massachusetts

    The colony was running away from religon. It was founded by John Carver, William Bradford, John Winthrop
  • New Hampshire

    This colony profited from trading fish and the founders are Ferdinando Gorges, John Manson
  • New York

    Expand Trade Routes and what to trade founded by Dutch Settlers
  • Plymoth Mass.Bay Colony

    Religious freedom founded by John Carver, William BradFord, John Winthrop
  • Maryland

    profit from selling land, religious freedom. found by George Calvert.
  • Rhode Island

    Religious Freedom found by Roger Williams
  • Connecticut

    Profit from fur trade, farming, religious, and political freedom. Found by Thomas Hooker
  • Delaware

    Expand Trade Founded Swedish Settlers
  • North Carolina

    profit from tradeand selling land. found by group of eight aristocrats
  • South Carolina

    Profit from trade and selling land Group of eight aristocrats
  • New Jersey

    Profit from selling land founded by John Berkeley and George Carteret
  • Pennsylvania

    profit from selling land; religious freedom. found by William Penny
  • Georgia

    religious freedom, protection agaisnt Spanish Florida; safe home for debtors. Found by James Oglethorpe