civil rights movement

  • Period: to

    American Civil war

  • 13th Amendment

    13th Amendment
    this amendment abolished slavery
  • Period: to


  • 14th amendment

    14th amendment
    Everyone got equal protection and equal rights and legal rights
  • 15th amendment

    15th amendment
    this amendment had voting rights
  • Jim crow law start in south

    Jim crow law start in south
    racial segregation
  • plessy v. ferguson

    plessy v. ferguson
    they were in court to fight for/against racial segregation
  • rosa parks arrested

    rosa parks arrested
    She was arrested for sitting in front of the bus and the white people were telling her to go in the back of the bus but she didnt go so she went to jail for that
  • montgomery bus boycott

    montgomery bus boycott
    civil rights protest for african americans to ride busses and not go to jail
  • civil rights act of 1957

    civil rights act of 1957
    violated the right to vote for US citizens
  • little rock nine

    little rock nine
    a group of black students that wanted to go to school which was the brown vs. education case
  • chicano mural movement begins

    chicano mural movement begins
    they wanted the chicanos to educate in California and texas
  • affirmative action

    affirmative action
    the Supreme Court held that strict scrutiny applies to state statutes which set standards
  • george wallace blocks university of alabama entrance

    george wallace blocks university of alabama entrance
    desegregation in schools
  • the feminine mystique

    the feminine mystique
    females may not leave their houses, and they have to stay as housewives and they had to take care of everything while the men work
  • march on Washington

    march on Washington
    everything was faced , inequalities , jobs, freedom, etc
  • civil rights act of 1964

  • 24th amendment

  • voting rights act of 1965

  • malcom X assassinated

  • united farm woker's california delano grape strike

  • thurgood marshall appointed to supreme court

  • martin luther king jr assassinated

  • title IX

  • roe v. wade