• jamestown colony

    jamestown colony
    since 1694 they has recoverd over one million artifacts dating to the first half of the 17th century
  • mayflower compact

    mayflower compact
    the original document was but the transciptions in mourt relation and williams bradford
  • fundamental orders

    fundamental orders
    british calender in use at the time began the new year on march 25 instead of janurary 1 the Gregorian calender we use today
  • french and india war

    french and india war
    remarkable growth of the colonies form population of 250,000 in 1700 to 1,25 million 1750
  • english bill of rights

    that it is the right of the sujects to petition the king, and alll commitments and prosecution for such petitiong are illegal
  • treaty of paris

    treaty of paris
    with his army, to recapture the fort. He refused to take any advice of the people who knew the situation better and his army was defeated while he was killed
  • boston massacre

    boston massacre
    1768 about 4000 redcoats, equal to one foyth of the city's population were deployed
  • townsend act

    townsend act
    comprising the world raise revenues from colonies without re-igniting the redelliousness and widespread unrest
  • tea act

    east india company was floundering financially and burdened with eighteen million pounds of unsold tea
  • declaration of independence

    fire signers were captured by the british as traitor and tortured
    before they died