• Share Quality Matters Rubric

    Review the rubric with Chris
  • Select top 5 elements of rubric to focus on

  • Select topic to create for RSRT On-boarding

    Have Chris select one topic in the RSRT On-boarding program to create in Moodle. Keeping in mind that we will use some non-traditional elements when creating this course.
  • Review Moodle course for TSLU

    Walk Chris through the TSLU Admin Essentials course so he can see what elements are being used.
  • Period: to

    Determine Moodle elements to use in topic

    Chris will need to narrow down his selection of elements to use in the topic for RSRT On-boarding
  • Meet with Chris (virtually) to review his element selection

    Be sure elements selected to use in the Moodle course fit the rubric.
  • Period: to

    Create topic

  • Met with Chris to narrow topic

    Chris and I discussed some possible topics in the RSRT On-boarding program that he will select from. He will have a lesson selected by mid next week and we will review it to see where we can add some more technology pieces.
  • Review topic with Chris

    Provide feedback, suggestions