Chris McCandless

Timeline created by emily.ohlinger
  • Chris is born.

  • Chris graduates from high school.

  • Chris graduates from Emory University.

  • Christopher wrote a check to OXFAM for $24,000.00 ~ giving them his entire savings.

  • Christopher Johnson McCandless walked away from his family, friends, and possessions and set out for his journey into the wild. He had no map, mo agenda, just the will to travel.

  • Chris abondens his beloved Datsun when it gets stuck while he was traveling Lake Mead.

  • Chris starts his boating trip down the Colorado River from Topack, Arizona.

  • After the storm Chris is trying to get back in the U.S. But unfortanly he crossed the border illegaly and end up going to jail.

  • Chris deciied to hike to Los Angles to obtain an I.D. After he got his I.D his new legal name was Alex

  • Chris gets a job at McDonald's but is looked at as strange because he refuses to shower.

  • James Gallien gave Chris a ride to the Stampede Trail in Alaska where Chris set out to begin a journey into the wild. This was the last time that anybody had seen him alive.

  • Chris changes his name to Alexander Supertramp, as a way to start new.

  • Thinking he gets lucky with shooting a moose and that he will have a bunch of food, he gets maggots in it while butchering; so he had to abonden it.

  • Chris found the "142 Bus" that he began living in.

  • Chris eats toxic seeds which poison him.

  • Christopher lost his life at the age of 24.

  • Chris' body was found in the bus he was residing in.

  • Jon Krakauer wrote an article about Christopher McCandless for Outside Magazine, titled Death of an Innocent.

  • Jon Krakauer's novel Into The Wild was made into a major motion picture. The film was directed by Sean Penn with Emile HIrsch starring as Christopher McCandless. The movie opened nationwide on October 5, 2007.

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