Christopher mccandless into the wild

Chris Mccandless

  • Last letter ever recieved form Russe

  • Chris graduates from Emory University

    Chris graduates from Emory University
    Was a history and anthropology major with a 3.72 gpa.
  • A car found in a forest

    A car found in a forest
    A yellow car was found in the forest with a note attatched saying "This peice of shit has been abandoned. Whoever can get it out of here can have it."
  • Needles, California

    He caught a ride with a trucker to Needles, California
  • Chris Reached Morelos Dam and the mexican boarder

    He reached the Morelos dam and the mexican boarder
  • Chris gets lost

    he becomes lost trying to find the ocean
  • Travels South

    In a canoe he travels south and beaches it to observe the tides
  • Started walking north

    left his metal boat on a hummock and started walking up a deserted beach
  • Alex gets Arrested

    He was caught trying to slip back into the U.S. by Immigration authorities. He spent one night in custody.
  • Chris departed Carthage, South Dakota

  • Chris left Carthage

    Chris left Carthage
  • Stuckey and Chris arrives in Fairbanks

  • Ahris arrived in Whitefish, Alaska

  • Chris arrived at Liard River Hotsprings

  • Stuckey & Chris arrived in Fairbanks in the afternoon

  • Last Postcard

    The last postcard Alex will eversend is received
  • Westerberg recieved a postcard from Alex

  • Goodbye

    Chris writes a goodbye postcard
  • Alex gets his picture taken

    Alex gets his picture taken
    Before Alex ventured out into the wild, he asked Gallien to snap a picture of him.
  • Picture taken

    Picture taken
    Alex got his picture taken, when he was walking into alaska. A guy took his picture
  • Chris fell through some ice

    according to his journal
  • Jim Gallien found the artical

  • found a young dead hiker

    People who were hiking through the trails found a dead hiker (Chris)
  • Death of Chris and Canne

    Canne learns that Chris had died
  • Letter is sent to Henry David Thoreau

    Ronald A. Franz wrote a letter the the author of the artical about Alex.