Chris Chan's life

By aximb
  • Chris was borm

    Chris was borm
    He had irresponsible parents, and a bad babysitter made his life into something horrible, closing the poor Chris in his room full of toys, he was traumatyzed
  • Period: to

    School period

    chris wasn't in a school to prevent his trauma to be fixed, because their parents didn't want to bring him to a special ed school, also chris had to change into another school, because unknown reasons
  • Period: to

    High school

    Chris was luckier this time, they treated him nicely and he was happy, also, he got a group of friends
  • Love quest

    Love quest
    chris made himself a poster about his adventure to find love, but no one wanted him, and that made him become infamous, so he got booted out his university, so he had to repeat one year of studiyng
  • Period: to

    Chris's university

    he wasn't lucky this time, while he was in his love quest, a teacher made him repeat a year, that made him really mad at her, turning the teacher in one of the antagonists of his comic
  • The origins of sonichu

    The origins of sonichu
    Chris had to do an original job about a disc, and it had to be original, and because of that, he fused sonic with pikachu, bringing to life, sonichu
  • 4Chan and the awakening of the trolls

    4Chan and the awakening of the trolls
    People found information about him, and his situation. People loved pissing him off, because he couldn't ignore the trolls.
  • Chris had a mental breakdown in a gamer convention

    Chris had a mental breakdown in a gamer convention
    since he was kissing random people, policemen went to stop him and then chris had the mental breakdown