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China Timeline Of Events

By trichy
  • Opium War

    Opium War
    The Opium War was when the Chinese destroyed a shipment of Opum, because the British had refused to stop strading Opium with China. When they continued onwards, the Chinese destroyed the shipment. In the end the British won, due to its higher advanced weapons. China was forced to have an unequal treaty with Britan and allow Britan to trade with China whenever they wanted. This was a humilation to China and China was determined never to be in that situation again.
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  • The Long March

    The Long March
    The Long March lasted from 1934 till 1935. Mao led the Communists more than 6000 miles from southeastesrn China to the remote northwestern province of Shaanxi. About 90,000 people marched this dangerous march, but only 7,000 survived. The Long March became a symbol of the bitter hardships the Communists would have to go through until they finally gained power. The Long March helped the Communists gain charge in the end. This is how the Communists got their big break in Chinese history.
  • Japenese invasion

    Japenese invasion
    The Japenese launched a huge attack on China. Bombs were dropped and people were killed. In 1945, Mao defeated Japan. Though this resulted in disastor. China was left in horror after the war was over. This war ruined and effected China harshly.
  • Great Leap Forward

    Great Leap Forward
    The Great Leap Forward was when Mao introduced another program to achieve modernization through one superman effort. He develpoed communes which was a way to mobalize the Chinese people to build bridges and irrigation systems. The Great Leap Forward led to disaster when people didn't work, becuase they were promised a good life no matter what. This Great Leap Forward lead to complete disastor. This marked struggle to come for the Chinese people.
  • Cultural Revolution

    Cultural Revolution
    The Cultural Revolution was when Mao grew concerned about rivals and launched a Cultural Revolution. He tried to rule out capitilism. Factory members formed something called Red Guards. They were mass rallies to support Mao. Mao killed and tortured all his rivals. The Cultural Revolution created choas in China. Schools and factories were closed. This struggle continued until Mao's death. Most people lost faith in Mao after his last revolution.