China Timeline :)

  • 200

    Han Dynasty

    Han Dynasty
    Han Dynasty was the 2nd imperial dynasty
  • Jan 1, 1024

    Paper money

    Paper money
    World's first paper money was invented
  • Great Wall of China

    Great Wall of China
    The Great Wall of China was touched up and reached about 1500 miles.
  • Yellow River

    Yellow River
    Yellow River Flooded!!
  • Boxer Rebellion

    Boxer Rebellion
    Boxer Rebellion was when they killed forigners they didn't want them in their country.
  • Qing Dynasty

    Qing Dynasty
    Qing Dynasty came to an end!
  • China becomes communist

    China becomes communist
    Mao made China a communist Country!
  • Pro-Democracy

    Pro-Democracy was becoming to end and being recognized.
  • Hong Kong belongs to China

    Hong Kong belongs to China
    Hong Kong is no longer part of the British Empire!
  • Gunpowder

    Gunpowder was invented; contains mostly sulfer,charcoal, and potassium nitrate!