Children Devolpment

Timeline created by ryanrickey
  • Birth

    Baby born
  • Rooting Reflex

    cheek touches anything will turn head to try and find nipple to feed. Present at Birth.
  • Sucking Reflex

    Sucking reflex to feed. Present at birth
  • Moro Reflex

    If starled will move postions and sometimes cry. Present at birth, dissappears round 3 to 6 months of age
  • Eye Blink Reflex

    Blinks eyes and closes when bright light. Last whole life time
  • Period: to

    Children Devolpement

  • Hold Head Up - Phy

    Hold head up for short periods of time (2mths)
  • See All Colours - Phy

    Can see in just about all colours (2mths)
  • Hold Upper Body Up - Phy

    Can Hold upper body up
  • Cooing Sounds - Lang

    Makes Cooing Sounds - 3mths
  • Recognizes Your Voice - Lang

    Knows your voice
  • Vision Increases - Perceptual

    Can see a few feet away (4 months)
  • Sensitive to Touch - Perceptual

    Looks for the sorces of touch (4mths)
  • Sit Up - Phy

    Can Sit up without support (4mths)
  • Familiar Sound Babble - Perceptual

    Makes babble with sound that sounds somewhat similar to sounds we make (5 mths)
  • Double Birth Weight - Physical

    Doubles weight from birth (6 mth)
  • Eats Solids - Phy

    Can start eatting solids
  • Listens to Music - Lang

    Pays attention to music
  • Focus on Objects - Perceptual

    Able to focus on objects with two eyes and fallow them around the room. (7mths)
  • Walking - Phy

    Might Start walking but the first steps can be delayed until over a year of age
  • Tries to say words - Lang

    Tries to say words
  • 1/4 Head/Body - Phy

    Size of the head vs. the body is 1/4 vs 1/3 from when it was born. (2yrs)