Child Development, Shelly Morales, 5th Hour

By Shelly1
  • Birthday

    Born on March 30, 1996. At 3 in the morning in St. Lukes Hospital in KCMO
  • 4 Months

    I can now sit with support, I respond to a shaking rattle or bell and I turn my head toward bright colors and lights.
  • 8 Months

    I close my mouth firmly when I am no longer hungry, I enjoy dropping objects over edge of chair or crib, and I can raise my arms when I want to be held
  • One Year Old!!! (12 Months)

    I enjoy opening and closing cabinet doors, I pay attention to conversations, and I like to watch myself in the mirror.
  • 16 Months

    I can walk without help, I can say hi or bye when reminded, and I become upset when separated from my parents.
  • 21 Months!

    I have difficulty sharing, I use 2-3 word sentences, and I can drink from a straw.
  • Two-Years Old!!

    I insist on trying to do several tasks by nyself without any help, I have almost a full set of teeth, and I show jealousy.
  • Three-Years Old!

    I can put together a 6 poece puzzle, I have developed a full set of baby teeth, and I enjoy hearing stories about myself.
  • 4-Years Old!

    I can follow 2 unrelated directions, I can hop on one foot, and I persistently ask why.
  • 5-Years Old!

    I can sometimes be very bossy, I can jump rope, and I can remeber stories and repeat them.
  • 7-Years Old!

    I like to play more with girls than boys, I can tie my shoelaces, and I reverse my letters sometimes.
  • 10 Years Old!

    I like to use secret codes, my coordination and reaction time have improved, and I like to fantasize and daydream about the future.