chapters 1-8 by: juan h. p5

  • Nov 22, 600

    The Olmecs end

    The Olmecs end
    The strongest settlement of early americans established in Mexico by the Olmecs at 600 A.D
  • Nov 23, 1477

    Marco polo

    Marco polo
    Marco Polo's book was published, which was about the great land of china and the wealth
  • Oct 12, 1492

    Columbus and the great continents

    Columbus and the great continents
    The day Columbus had landed on American soil. With his crew thinkin that it was land of the indians
  • Jamestown was established

    Jamestown was established
    When english settler came and found Virginia , and afterwards called it Jamestown for a while.
  • duke of york

    the duke of york gave WilliamPenn a region known today as delware
  • british preparing for war

    british preparing for war
    major general edward braddick was appointed commander in chief of the british army in America.
  • final stages of war

    final stages of war
    the british won the battke againist france, montcalm and wolfe were both killed.france surrenderedin 1760
  • Period: to

    chapter 1-8

  • The Toltecs

    The Toltecs
    The Toltecs ruled a strong civilization in the mexicans highlands