Chapter 4 events

  • "Triller" the album comes out

    "Triller" the album comes out
    The new album of Michael Jackson comes out and is an immediate hit becoming the biggest-selling album ever,making Michael a superstar.
  • Michael's iconic dance, the "Moonwalk"

    Michael's iconic dance, the "Moonwalk"
    Michael was asked to perform in the twenty five years celebration TV show of Motown Records,when Billie jean started to play he did this iconic dance called the moonwalk,where his feet were going back but he seemed going forward a the same time,
  • Michael is awarded

    Michael is awarded
    In this year Michael won 8 awards a the Grammys, given a star in the Walk of Fame and awarded by the US president.
  • The tragic Pepsi-Cola adverts

    The tragic Pepsi-Cola adverts
    During the filming of one of the Pepsi adverts,Michael's hair caught fire,this became big news and fans all over the world couldn't believe that the biggest singer in the world were hurt.
  • Michael's new album

    Michael's new album
    After 4 years since "Triller" came out, he knew he needed to make a new album and he wanted it to be the most succesfull in history.