chapter 3 section 3-5 vocab.

  • william penn

    william penn
    Englishman and Quaker who founded the colony of Pennsylvania.
  • plantation

    An estate on which crops such as coffee, sugar, and tobacco are cultivated by resident labor.
  • proprietary colony

    proprietary colony
    a colony given to a proprietor to govern (in 17th century).
  • pueblo

    An American Indian settlement of the southwestern US, esp. one consisting of multistoried adobe houses built by the Pueblo people
  • boarderland

    The district near a border.
  • nathaniel bacon

    nathaniel bacon
    a wealthy colonist of the Virginia Colony, famous as the instigator of Bacon's.
  • backcountry

    Sparsely inhabited rural areas; wilderness.
  • debtor

    A person or institution that owes a sum of money.
  • royal colony

    royal colony
    The British Overseas Territories are fourteen territories of the United Kingdom which, although they do not form part of the United Kingdom itself, fall under its jurisdiction.