Chapter 14 Review Italy

  • Oct 30, 1543


    Copernicus worked for the church and did not publish his findings until he was on his death bed in this year. He proposed the 1st heliocentric model of the solar system.
  • Period: Oct 30, 1564 to


    Galilei spent his life studimg the stars with the first telescope. He promoted Copernicus and wrote two books to spread his findings, Starry Messanger, and Letters on Sunspots.
  • Urban VIII

    killed Galileo for betraying him by supporting copernicus in dialogue on the two chief world systems
  • Galileo

    condemned for trying to fit the scripture to new science
  • Period: to


    Nationalistic pressure grows.
  • Period: to

    Northern revolt

    Threatened the Hapsburg empire.
  • Period: to

    Romantic republicanism

    A very ineffective movement
  • Period: to

    Giuseppe Mazzini

    Nationalist. In 1831, founded the Young Italy Society to drive Austria away and establish a republic. In the 1840s, he and Giuseppe Garibaldi conducted what amounted to guerilla warfare.
  • Period: to

    Count Camillo Cavour

    Prime minister of Piedmont, Machiavellian, advisor to King Charles Albert, went from conservative to liberal, was very rich. With the ideas of enlightenment, classical economics and utilitarianism. Believed the Italian economy must prove itself and have loyal citizens. Thought Italy needed French intervention from Napoleon the Third. Fostered the nationalist society.
  • Revolution in Naples

    Fighting when kingdom of two Sicilys accepted a constitution.
  • Period: to

    Pope Pius the IX

    Issued the Syllabus of Errors in 1864. Was very conservative.
  • Period: to


    Confronted by Cavour, in 1860 Naples and Sicily voted to join Cavour. Savoy and Nice went to France.
  • Provoke war

    France and Italy try to provoke war against Austria.
  • War with Austria

    Italy cunningly declares and wins. Napoleon the Third made peace with Austria.
  • Victor Emmanuel II is crowned king

    The north and south Italy were incompatible, so a bicameral chamber of deputies was created.
  • Period: to

    More territory

    Many Italians want Venetia and Rome.
  • The first Vatican Council

    Ended in 1870. Introduced papal infallability.
  • Period: to

    Leo XIII

    Issued the rerum novarum in 1891. Instituted corporate society instead of capitalism or socialism. He was semi-liberal.
  • Italy wants to join the Dual Alliance

    Italy wants to join the Dual Alliance
  • Period: to

    Pious X

    Condemned Catholic modernism and required an anti-modernist oath for priests.
  • Italia Irredenta

    Ununifeid Italian land
  • Mussolini

    The band of combat rises with Mussolini.
  • Party elimination

    Italy only has one political party.
  • Meets with Germany

    Forms the Stresa Front and attacks Ethiopia.
  • Rome-Berlin Axis

    Mussolini made this when he was alienated from the League of Nations.