Changes in Educational Technology

  • Period: to


  • National--PLATO

    The first online community is starting giving birth to the Internet Age.
  • School--Library opens

    Library opens at TF South providing many new resources for students to further their education.
  • State--filmstrips

    Filmstrips are widely being used to present information using images.
  • National--Scantron

    Scantron machines are creating giving teachers an easier way to grade mass assessments and giving rise to the age of standardized tests.
  • State--CD-ROM

    Computer with CD-ROM are widely available allowing teachers to access a wider array of content.
  • National--TI 83

    Texas Instruments develops the TI-83 graphing calculator making it easier to excuse complex mathmatical problems.
  • School--First computer lab built

    TF South builds its first computer lab giving students an opportunity to work with computers for the first time in this community.
  • National--WWW

    The WorldWideWeb is launch forever changing the way people communicate and share information.
  • School--Tech Center built

    District 215 constructions a new building-the Center of Academics and Technology-giving students at TF South and TF North more access to the growing technology of the time.
  • State--DVD

    DVD players began to replace VCR players around the state.
  • State--WiFi

    WiFi is introduced in select places across the state giving students constant access to the Internet.
  • State--IVS

    Illinois Virtual School opens providing an opportunity to get a high school degree exclusively online.
  • National---IPads

    IPads are introduced giving people a more mobile and flexible way to access digital content.
  • School--WiFi

    WiFi is installed with access throughout the school giving student constant access to the Internet.
  • School--Moodle

    TF South launches Moodle as a way to give students access to assignments and classroom activities at home.