Cell Phone time line

By 891002
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    cellphone time line from 1940-2002
  • Introduction to mobile phone

    Introduction to mobile phone
    First intro to mobile phone being invented. Real date non-applicable
  • first call

    first call
    First call on a mobile phone. Exact date non applicable
  • First cellular network

    First cellular network
    first cellular network launched in japan tokyo. exact date N/A
  • Nokias first cellular phone

    Nokias first cellular phone
    Nokias first cellphone was more like a "portable to way radio".
    Exact date N/A
  • Callhandoff

    Bell labs invents "callhandoff" wich enables you to talk with multiple cellphones at a time.
    Exact date N/A
  • First digital cellphone call

    First digital cellphone call
    first call on a Digital cellphone.
    Exact date N/A
  • First sms (text message)

    first sent and recieved text message.
    Exact date N/A
  • first nokia smart phone

    first nokia smart phone
    first nokia smart phone introduced to public.
    Exact date N/A
  • T-mobile side kick

    T-mobile side kick
    first tmobile side kick.
    Exact date N/A
  • first cellphone camera

    first cellphone camera
    First camerea on a celluar phone.was made by sprint. let you take pictureswith flash.
    Exact date N/A