Catholicism in Australia

  • First Public Mass

    This was Australia's first public Catholic Mass
  • Arrival of first official priests

    The first official Catholic priests arrive in Australia
  • First Catholic Australia

    This marks the date for the construction of the first Catholic Church in Australia
  • First Bishop was appointed

    First Bishop was appointed
    Father John Bede Polding was appointed as Australia's first Bishop
  • St Vincent de Paul

    St Vincent de Paul
    The first St Vincent de Paul is established in Australia
  • St Patrick's Cathedral

    St Patrick's Cathedral
    Melbourne's St Patrick's Cathedral is consecrated
  • Catholic Women's League

    The Catholic Women's League is established in Australia
  • Pope VI

    Pope VI
    Pope Paul VI visits Australia
  • Australian Catholic University

    Australian Catholic University
    Australian Catholic University is founded in New South Wales
  • St Mary's Cathedral

    Sydney's St Mary's Cathedral is completed