Caroline Chisholm

By pharaoh
  • Birth

    Caroline Chisholm was born on May 30, 1808 in Northampton, England
  • Period: to

    Caroline Chisholm's Life

  • Became Catholic

    Caroline Chisholm became a Catholic in 1831
  • Founded 'Female School of Industry for Daughters of European Soldiers'

    Caroline Chisholm opened this school in Madras, India, 1834. The girls were taught reading, writing, religion, cooking, housekeeping and nursing.
  • Moved to Australia

    Caroline Chisholm moved to Australia with her husband when he fell ill
  • Opened Female Immigrants Home

    When she saw how badly young female immigrants were treated, she opened this home to take care of them and find them employment.
  • Period: to

    Female Immigrants Home helped over 14,000 people

  • Petitioned for free voyage from England to Australia

    Caroline Chisholm thought that there should be free passage from England to Australia by boat and requested this from the government
  • Created Family Colonization Loan Society

    The Family Colonization Loan Society allowed entire families to migrate to Australia (instead of splitting them up)
  • Created 'Shelter Sheds'

    When gold was discovered in Australia, there was a sudden influx of gold diggers who often had nowhere to stay. Caroline Chisholm opened 'Shelter Sheds' as a kind of 'hotel' for them.
  • Death