Career & Tech Ed Data Team 2012-13

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    Data Team 2012-13


    Goal: 100% of 1 class in trimester 2 will be introduced to Moodle and use it for 1 formative & 1 summative assessment
  • Career and Tech Ed ROCKS!

    10/31/2012 GL, DB, RC, JL, TH, CJH
    Discussion: *McGuire's visit and the future of career and tech ed
    *use of technology and potential of impact from levy vote
    *Lets do a google doc for meeting minutes!
    We are invested in technology integration and are worried about the potential impact of the levy vote! We believe that our areas are critical for students and know we do good work!
  • District Moodle Guru= Jason Webb

  • OSH Moodle Guru = John Licciardi

  • Moodle Pretest Developed by Licciardi & Shared with CTE Data Team

  • Jason Webb Visits CTE Data Team

  • Moodle Grading Scale Modification! Yeah!

  • Jason & Friends visit CTE Data Team

  • WOW--Rubric Grading on Moodle!