Captain Nobody

  • Background Captain Nobody Mark w

    Newton walked on the front porch,and he got the newspapers.
  • Setting

    On the porch on Friday of October
  • Characters

    Cecil,J.J,Chris,dad,mom,Newton(captain Nobody).
  • Rising action1

    Rising action1
    Newton and his freinds arnt getting enough attention,so hes trying to change that.
  • Rising action2

    Rising action2
    Newtons brother chris,has a big game so he might have to cancel halloween with his friends
  • Rising action3

    Rising action3
    They might standout by having the best halloween costume
  • Rising action4

    Rising action4
    The football teams came during the parade for halloween.
  • Rising action5

    Rising action5
    Newtons parents were preparing for the tailgate party.
  • Rising actoin6

    Rising actoin6
    Newton was feeling invisible again and was pushed to the aisile at his brothers game.
  • Rising action7

    Rising action7
    A guy named Reggie from the other football team that chris will play is loooking for revenge at the game.
  • Rising action8

    Rising action8
    They have played their football,now there is 7 seconds left to win.
  • Rising action9

    Rising action9
    Chris scored the winning touchdown but he is uncounshes.
  • Falling action1

    Falling action1
    The docter says that Chris is in a coma from the crash at the game.
  • Falling action2

    Falling action2
    It might be Reggie who caused this because he head butted him in the endzone.
  • Falling action3

    Falling action3
    the doctor says hes fine but they will have to wait.
  • Falling action4

    Falling action4
    Cecil and J.Js costumes are great but Newtons is terrible.
  • Falling action5

    Falling action5
    Hes friends help him with his awful costume so he can look better
  • Resolution

    He thinks of many names for his new halloween costume and he ends up with the unexpected name of Captain Nobody.
  • resolution

    They laughed at his costume name so much.
  • resolution

    The doctor told them that Chris well be fine so they are all releaved