Canadian Prime Ministers

  • Robert Borden

    Robert Borden was the Prime Minister During World War 1
  • Period: to

    Canadian Prime Ministers

  • Robert Borden and The Military Service Act

    He passes the Military Service Act
  • War-Time Elections Act

    Done to get more votes for the election
    Get to vote if they are related to a soldier during war time.
    Enemy aliens can not vote
  • The Election

    Election is held
    Laurier: Liberal Robert Borden: Conservative/Unionist Party
    Main Issue: Conscription.
    Robert Borden wins
    Alllowed women to vote
    First Nations and Aboriginal get to vote only if they give up their status.
  • Arthur Meighen as Prime Minister

    Elceted as Prime Minister
  • William Lyon Mackenzie 10th PM

    Elected as Prime Minister
  • The King Byng Affair

    Liberals form a minortiy govenment with progressive party. Conservatives suffer a vote of non-confidence. Parliament gets dissolved.
  • Federal Elections

    William Lyon Mackenzie become win the election forming a majority government.
  • Political Parties During the Depression

    Social Credit Party William "Bible Bill" Aberhart Conservative Party R.B Bennett Tim Buck, Communist Party of Canada Maurice Duplessi, Union Nationale W.L.M King, Liberal Party James S. Woodswoth, Co-operatie Common Wealth Federation CCF
  • Federal Election

    Liberals lose election.
    Conservatives win
    R.B Bennet is the PM
  • Federal Election

    Bennet promises the 'New Deal'
    He does this so that he gains more support
    But it does not work
    Makcenzie King becomes PM.
  • Federal Election

    Pierre Trudeau gets elected unitl June 4, 1979
  • Elections

    Pierre Trudeau got elected until June 30, 1984
  • Federal Election

    Brian Mulroney gets elected
  • Apologizing for the Japanese Internment

    Officialy alpologizes for the Japanese internment.